2017 Growing Season

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Welcome to another year at Brittingham Community Garden! We are so excited to get started this Spring. We’re looking forward to making 2017 the best growing season yet.

Registration day was in March this year. Most members attended the event. It was the perfect evening to meet up with old friends and feel inspired about our gardens. At the event Brittany and Danni went over the garden rules for the season. Much of this conversation was spent on how to best conserve water in the garden. Last year we had extraordinary water bills. Our biggest goal for 2017 is to reduce our water usage. Members had some wonderful ideas on how to do this. We’ll provide occasional updates as the year goes by with how much we are spending on water. Look for a laminated chart in the tool box this year.

Opening day will be April 29 from 9-10AM. This event will be the perfect time to get started in your plot and to meet your neighbors. New garden members will also attend and provide registration forms and plot fees. We’ll go over the rules again briefly and those who ordered straw will be able to pick their bales up. It will be so splendid to get out in the garden again!

As we are creating and updating this website, please let us know if there is anything we missed or need to fix. We hope that this blog will provide a collection of resources for gardeners and a history of our garden.

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